Is your organization feeling the pinch …?

  • Difficulty finding the right talent to fill critical and front-line positions?
  • Stinging from poor hiring decisions that were made – and not you have the carnage?
  • Feel that employees may not be on the same page as leaders — that they are not engaged (but don’t know why)?

Not knowing what to do to solve these issues? Welcome to the Talent Crisis — No the war for talent!

It is time for you to turn the page and change

We are all about people – the right job & company. When the two come together, magic happens.

People Drive Performance – Recruiting, hiring and retaining the right people isn’t a problem – it’s full-scale war.

  • There are not enough skilled workers entering the job market to meet demands, and this will continue for the foreseeable future.
  • Skills of workers are not in alignment with company needs
  • Job tenure is plummeting – people and leaving jobs for other opportunities in record numbers
  • Employee loyalty is at all-time lows (for many reasons)
  • Business growth, expansion and results are being impacted significantly by this talent war.
  • Surveys are all in agreement: The top concern for over 70% of business leaders: Inability to grow due to people shortage.

We Have the Solutions

This what we specialize in doing – transforming recruiting, selection, employee engagement and as a result enabling the organization to grow with the right people in the right seats. It all comes down to three best practices:

Innovating Recruiting

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Using Predictive Analytics

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Driving Employee/Company Engagement

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It’s all about the results

  • In healthcare, we identified the cause of business stagnation: Recruiting. Through innovation, we turned the tide and increased billable hours 3x and revenue by   300% in 1 year. The Board was very happy!
  • While the market demands speed-to-hire, the opposite is occurring – the truth in the market is that it appears to be taking longer which will not work! We streamlined a technology company recruiting process that took 62 days down to one week through innovating recruiting and driving recruitment performance.
  • Within the same organization, by understanding how employees felt about the company (their engagement) which took management by surprise – not shock – and then addressing issues with strategy turnover was reduced from 42% to under 10%. The results were dramatic in service-level delivery, sales, and organizational efficiency.
  • In transit, we identified the personality traits that, when combined, would result in a 286% increased probability of accidents and unsafe driving, which is very costly. Using hiring benchmarks, selection and safety costs went down significantly.

We’d love to hear from you!

There are many more results as well. Every organization is unique, but the tools and resources are applicable most everywhere. Let’s talk about your needs – and find the right solutions!