• Are you just “working” – or achieving leadership in your career?
  • Are you working today – or planning for your career future?
  • Fully engaged in your job or career – but planning for the future?

The first is a tough question to answer for most. The day-to-day of your job or your business is consuming and often doesn’t provide the time to pause, reflect on where you have been, and most important, where you are going in your career. In today’s market, it is critical that you put yourself first and not just work – but actively manage your career. Think of yourself as the CEO of your own company – You, Inc. – this is the reality of today.

All too often I meet a client who has just had the rug pulled out from under them – they lost their job, and it was unexpected. Others come to me with careers that, to the outsider, seem like they have it made, but I find out that they are bored, not feeling valued, and not learning.

Others are fully engaged in their job and seeking a plan to manage their career – not simply going to work every day – but managing their future. Managing one’s career is like managing your finances – you establish a plan, routinely monitor your results and make adjustments as the market changes to get the best return on your money. The same goes for your career – you establish a plan, timetables, and measures and adjust your plan as the market or opportunities change. A trusted career mentor and counselor guides this process from planning to implementation to accountability.

To better understand what career management is, the following description accurately describes what career management is and is not. The last line is so important in defining what career management is and is not.

Career Management:

The ability to actively manage one’s work life, make choices and career decisions in a rapidly changing environment. It is accepting responsibility for the strategic and proactive management of your career and being career-resilient and in control your career actions and satisfaction. 

Developing your ECM Plan:

Developing an executive career management plan is an essential tool as you navigate your way through opportunities and challenges. The plan outlines your goals and establishes planned and measured actions. Some of my clients will not be pursuing a new job or business opportunity for 1 – 2 – 3 or more years, but they are planning now. They We work on creating a career journal (accomplishments, successes, what you learned and of course, what didn’t work) and using us as their guide and face to the market. They are truly in control of their greatest personal economic resource – their business or their job.

With a plan aligned with goals and needs, the focus is then on measured accountability. Working one-on-one through continual communication and executive sessions, we plan and drive execution of strategies and actions essential for success.

Entrepreneur – or Not!

Are you meant to be an entrepreneur? Does it “fit you”? Can you answer the questions below? Do you know what it takes to be an entrepreneur and …?

  • Drive your destiny?
  • Be in total Control of your career?
  • Define what you do – on your terms?
  • Control what you earn?
  • Deliver a product or service that energizes you?
  • Accept risk – for reward?
  • Answer to only one person – yourself?

These are tough, but critical questions you must answer before launching into the exciting, risky, challenging and energizing world of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, many don’t take the time to answer these questions. Instead, they jump into their own business, and either fail or hate it.

A recent survey noted that 55% of employed people would prefer to own their own business if given a choice. On top of this, people are tired of being controlled by employers who treat them as commodities – shedding when you are not needed; working you harder or cutting hours to save money and in many, many cases, simply not caring.
Through targeted entrepreneurial assessments and coaching, we can help you discover the answers and make the decision that will frame your future.

Also, we also specialize in guiding you through the process of start-up of a business which will set you on your way to personal and financial freedom.

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