In summary, you will engage in:

Discovery: Career Management Plan (CPM)

Utilizing proven-effective and valid career assessments supported by our discussions, we help you discover your ideal next job, career or endeavor – be it in the corporate world, in your own business or simply doing good for others or pursuing that “dream” endeavor. This is where we “open your eyes” and work to remove fear and achieve clarity. Also, we will conduct a detailed and comprehensive Career Situation Analysis (CSA) to better understand all the factors and situations that may affect the services you need, focus and direction. All assessments are conducted with complete confidentiality and discretion.

Planning: Career Strategy Plan (CSP)

Attempting to achieve something or get to another level without a plan & strategy is just about impossible. This critical step incorporates your specific situation (gathered through a complete situation analysis), interests, personality, skills and desires/dreams and other factors. With this information, we will present our Career Strategy Plan (CSP) that will be a tool to guide you to your next opportunity. The CSP will include specific targets & employer groups, business opportunities/options, industries and other specific information which will be critical and will answer the burning and critical questions …

  • Where do I go …
  • Who needs me …
  • How do I achieve clarity & focus …
  • How do I present myself …

Communication & Marketing

As someone once stated to us, this is where the “rubber meets the road”. Without a careful prepared and executed communication and marketing plan, any amount of discovery & planning will be a waste.

In this step, we work with our professional writers and consulting team to develop the tools you will need – transferable skills & accomplishment driven resume(s), targeted, action-driven letters and other presentation tools. No ordinary cookie-cutter resume will do — to get results, you must stand out in the crowd and do what you likely don’t like to do – sell yourself. We do it for you.

Our team has years of experience in creating highly effective career marketing tools that deliver results. With your career marketing tools in hand, you will be ready to begin making critical contacts, with confidence knowing that you are prepared to market & sell yourself – on any level.

Executing for Results

Getting results is the end game for everyone. With our guidance & support, you will carefully execute your plan and be ready to evaluate opportunities, initiate effective follow-through, make the right contacts and learn – learn – learn. You will have professional guidance each step of the way, and with every contact you make. Our team understands search methodology and protocol, as well as what works, and what does not.

During this step, we work with you on an ongoing basis to direct and guide you as your coach & confidant– and celebrate with you as well. We will work through the changes and turns that occur, and help be sure you follow the right path. Expected to be challenged – and motivated!

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