Feel “stuck” in your job or career?

Bored – just going to work but not happy where you are in your career life?

Love what you do – but not your company?

Not feeling “connected “or feeling “disengaged” to your company or manager?

Need a change – Now?

Welcome to 71% of the US working population – And this is what we do – help you find y/our direction, find new careers/jobs and make you smile again.

The job market is the strongest it has been for decades. Employers are begging for people to meet their needs. Job seekers rule in this market. It has never been better.

But many sit – and sit – in jobs or careers they feel stuck in, afraid to make a move that might be wrong for them. Others want to strike out in their own business but are afraid of making mistakes, not selecting the right business or not knowing if they are truly an entrepreneur. Many are entering their “second career” in their 40’s – 50’s – 60’s and want new options, new energy, and they are in demand.

What hold others and likely you back?

Fear, doubt, and confusion:

  • Fear I will make a bad move
  • Doubt that anyone would hire you
  • Confused over what to do next, when and how to achieve your career goals.


For over 30 years, I have done exactly this, backed by a strong team. I know how to evaluate the best career/job options, and how to land the job of your dreams. I can release that doubt you may have through the science of my tools. And yes – I can clear the cloud of confusion and deliver a rock-solid, actionable plan to get you unstuck and moving forward. I can listen to any issues you are facing in your career/job, and provide recommendations based on experience to help you. I will be your cheerleader, and if needed, the person who pushes you forward.

Utilizing assessments, discussion, research, planning and more, not only will you have your career answers which are critical to your life, but as well, a plan of action as nothing happens without a plan.

Take control of your career, job and life – find your destiny, be motivated and energized again, and you will see your life and happiness change – and so with those around you.

My practice is simple – we work with the best of the best and do what we do best — provide clarity, eliminate career fear and provide focus and guidance each step of the way assuring career alignment. For businesses, we help assure the right match of a person to the job so all win” – Dan Moran

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