Achieving – or ascending to – peak and optimum performance in job, career, business or life is the ultimate goal of employers, employees and individuals. Methods to achieve this- or work toward it – vary widely. Our process is focused on a key fact:

"You cannot manage what you cannot measure" – Peter Drucker

Next-Act' s Prescriptive Performance Analysis & Methods (PPAM) © begins with understanding the desired outcomes and metrics (the analysis) associated with a measure of success or ascendency to success, and continues with tools to define issues (the prescriptive) and a process of accountability development with measure and metrics to gauge progress at any time (the methods).

Our program isn't coaching as widely understood and it isn't training. It is, however, a plan that drives personal accountability on a consistent and measured basis supported by the experience of a seasoned executive consultant who is experienced working with and on all levels in an organization.

Who is this for?

  • The business owner or leader who has invested in key staff and wants to assure their success and output rather than have them learn by baptism especially in the critical early tenure of employment engagement.
  • The manager who wants to help an individual or group that may have lost their way improve their operating and performance results and invest in their success.
  • The individual who is committed to achieving in their career, life or business and is willing to invest in their future and accept guidance and accountability.
  • The new entrepreneur who is ready to launch or needs a jump start to their business through another set of eyes, prescriptives and measured accountability actions.




For years, my practice was focused on change – changing careers, changing jobs, changing businesses. In the past few years I noticed a significant need for a new level of service:

Managing Change: Driving to peak performance as an individual and as a manager seeking – no demanding – peak performance from their team or themselves.

The “norms” of work are changing. Employers demand more and can do it. People demand more from their performance – and they can do it too. Work as we know it isn’t simply showing up, putting in your hours and checking out.

 Work today is radically different. It is being the best you can be at what you do (or don’t do it!) and it is being the employer-of-choice in the market known for your investment in employee development, engagement and performance. Achievers don’t imply “get-by” – they excel. Manager want to have talented, motivated and charged teams working for their company – and many are willing to invest in this.

At the end of the day however, it is about the relationship – the relationship of an employer-to-company; the relationship of an individual to their goals. My program focuses on bring both in alignment, identifying what is working and what is not, defining accountable and measurable actions for managers, employees or an individual seeking peak performance, and mentoring improved performance on all levels.

 I welcome the opportunity to discuss your personal needs or the needs of a company willing to invest in their asset – people (one or many).


 Best in success,


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