Human Resource Talent Management Consulting
Often it has been said- people are your most important asset. This is not totally correct …

The right person in the right job at the right time for your business is more accurate.
Much easier said than done.
This is where Next-Act can deliver: We provide the guidance and solutions that your company and organization needs to accomplish its employee management objectives. Our goal is to help you hire the right people the first time, retain your best talent reducing turnover and develop your people assets, improving company culture, performance and financial results.
How we help your company.
Growing and managing a company is not an easy task and is an “all-in, all-the-time” responsibility. Sales, distribution, customer service, manufacturing and operations can easy consume the company’s leaders time. Next-Act attends to the critical “people” needs with our professional expertise so your management team can remain focused on managing the core business activities.
Next-Act provides:
Need human resources management and direction without the expense of maintaining a full-time, in-house HR department? We may provide services on a long-term comprehensive basis or on a one-time project basis. You can have an HR professional “on-call” when you have a need.
Training of managers on effective interviewing, people selection and management effectiveness, including training for First-Time Managers who are new to supervising and leading people
Assuring understanding and compliance to the myriad of State and Federal laws
Management for First Time Managers (and seasoned managers as well).
Human resource audit and assessment, to identify areas in need of improvement and/or compliance in your company – before the authorities tell you.
Employee Opinion & Attitude Surveys (introducing the MeasureStick) providing you and your managers with a complete understanding of your employees opinions about the company, managers, customers, products/services and work environment with action items you can implement to drive change. Keeping a “pulse” on your employees and their thoughts, concerns and ideas –not just once per year but twice, three or four times --- brings issues and opportunities to you and your managers to take action on, driving improved company culture, commitment and results.
Pre-employment assessment, helping assure that you hire the best person who “fits” the job, needs and culture of your company. Finding the right person the first time reduces wasted recruiting and turnover costs.
Staff development assessment and coaching, to help your team and your managers understand how to best work and motivate each other, leading to improve synergy, culture and productivity.
Human resources administrative support --- benefits, records management, reporting --- we can do it all.
Talent performance management programs designed to meet you companies’ needs. It has been said that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Effective talent management performance programs are proven effective in driving performance, goal achievement and reducing turnover.
Please contact our Founder & President, Dan Moran at (518-641-8968) to discuss your needs.
Dan Moran, our Founder & President, contributes over 30 years experience in human resources management and development. He is a published authority on recruiting, hiring processes, outplacement and human resources program development. Moran has been retained by companies to build and implement recruiting programs, HR strategy & support programs and management development initiatives. He has helped turn around company performance through assuring that the right people were in the right jobs to achieve company goals.

Most recently, Dan helped grow a company from 70 to over 150 employees in just under one year which facilitated revenue growth of over 90% during the same period. He designed and launched MeasureStick, an essential tool designed to help you keep a “pulse” on your company and your people, critical to success. He has implemented simple but very effective programs to improve and drive communication and to promote personal responsibility & accountability of people. Moran was recognized for developing and implementing a 5-day recruiting process in the highly-competitive Boston market where it was essential to move quickly when you found the right person for a job.

Experience – it is the difference.
Training of managers on effective interviewing, people selection and management effectiveness, including training for First-Time Managers
Compliance Review & Management
Human resource systems & process audit & assessment
Employee Opinion & Attitude Surveys (introducing the Measure Stick)
Pre-employment and team development assessment
Staff development & coaching
Human resource administration
Talent management program development and management – performance review, goal setting and compensation program development

Please call to discuss your specific needs and requirement and we will design a program to meet your needs.
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