Frequently asked questions … from Dan Moran, Founder & President
How do I know if career management & transition services is for me?
I can continue the question – “or if we should work together”. The best way to evaluate this is through our initial conditional consultation. We will meet/talk for 30 minutes and make the decision – both of us – if this is for you and me. We will talk about your situation and needs, and I will talk about how we may be able to help. If we both agree, we move forward.
Where is your office located?
I am located in the Capital Region of Upstate NY. My clients are from around the world. I do meet with clients locally and we can discuss that when we talk.
I am not in your area – can you still help me?
Absolutely. I frequently work with individuals from around the country utilizing phone, web, skype and email.
Are you a headhunter?
No – although I know just about all the headhunters in our region and I am a member of the Capital Region Recruiters Network (CRRN). Based upon specific situations, part of our strategy may be to contact and use headhunters.
How long does this process take?
It depends upon your situation, time and commitment. It does not happen overnight as you can imagine. I have a 10-Day Intensive program for the person who just has to move on – and quickly. Most times we work together for a month to six months – sometimes shorter; sometimes longer.
I was thinking about approaching my employer and telling them I am ready to move on – good idea?
Yes and no. it depends upon your situation. Many employers welcome the opportunity to help their valued and experienced staff member move on in their career; others do not. We would want to talk about his before you take any action.
Remember this – never show the cards you have in your hand unless you know what the other guy has.
Just how old are you Dan? How can you help someone facing their second career, next act or attempting to reinvent themselves?
First, I am a young 62 years old with two beautiful grandchildren and my wife and I have been married over 42 years.

The best answer – I have reinvented myself three times over; I know what it takes. Each reinvention taught me new skills and broadened my experience. These experiences, combined with over 40 years of leading people & teams, working with individuals in career transition, being a student of the subject and being in the community prepares me well to help others.
 Dan - I own a business and have been struggling to find the right people in this job market today. Can you help?
 Yes - I do this often. Finding talent today is not a game - it is a war. A war to get the right person before your competitor does. It takes a carefully planned and executed strategy to win and I am a master of guiding a company through this, including evaluating applicants to assure the right fit. Bets of all - you don't need to spend gobs of money - it is all in the process. Contact me at
22% of us are bored with the mere thought of retirement.

21% stated the need to be and feel
productive, not sitting on the front porch.

20% strive for more intellectual challenge.

13% just do not have the financial resources to retire just yet.

13% need the personal interaction one gains through work & career.

Source: Korn’Ferry International, Executive Recruiter Index.

As a side note, companies are facing an increasingly shrinking workforce pool driven by the number of workers reaching the “boomer” years. As a result, we are being wooed and courted by companies of all sizes.
I invite you to read on and learn about my business. Then it might make sense to talk – face-to-face if you are in the Capital Region of New York or on the phone/web (which I do quite often) if you live elsewhere. Your choice. We can talk about your specific situation and discover if we may be of assistance to you as you start your Next-Act. Sign-up to allow me to keep in touch too, and thank you.
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