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To succeed and survive in today’s volatile and changing market, each and every company must be flexible, proactive in light of the market and able to “turn on a dime” to take advantage of opportunities or adapt the business to the current market.

This often includes a reassessment of workforce needs. Often companies are faced with reducing headcount or seeking new skill levels, leaving one – ten – one-hundred displaced and separated employees. Next-Act specializes in working with you and your team beginning with the planning and implementation process with a focus on controlling costs and delivering a return on your investment while attending to the needs of separated, displaced staff.
Controlling transition delivers benefits to the company including:

Productivity & Retention from those Remaining – Being displaced is so very difficult on not only the person who loses their job, but the remaining workforce as well. Showing that you care for employees will help retain your top talent who will naturally feel uncertain.

Messaging the Right Corporate Image – Doing the right thing and helping displaced, separate staff move on through providing outplacement support maintains and can often elevate your image and brand in the eyes of investors, future job candidates, policy makers, customers and the community as a whole.

Managing Liability – By demonstrating that you care and provide a fair and grounded separation process and program, your company shows that you take your employee commitment and responsibility seriously, which will reduce your liability...
And of course, benefits to Displaced Employees:

Providing outplacement support eases the transition process and empowers displaced staff by providing individualized and effective career management plans & strategies, required & effective job search tools and help & support each step of the way. Our goal: Get your displaced employee(s) back on track, in control of their situation and find a new job quickly.

Each company situation and budget is different as are the needs of those displaced. Our outplacement services can be designed to meet specialized needs and may include (provided on an individual or group basis):

Career Search Training
Career Assessment
Career Strategy Planning (CSP)
Resume & Marketing Tools Development
Career Consulting & Counseling
Interview Planning & Assessment
Targeted Research
Market Monitoring
Posting Management
out•place•ment (out'plas'm?nt), noun.
The process of facilitating a terminated employee's search for a new job by provision of professional services, such as counseling, paid for by the former employer.

What displaced employees want from outplacement services:

One-on-one support:
Information & resources, when they need them.
Someone who understands to work with them.
Direction & guidance on what should be next in their career.
Support – in the form of honest & candid advice, coaching & counseling when it is needed.

Next-Act believes that no amount of technology or technology resource replaces the one-on-one, direct, honest and candid support and advice one needs at this most difficult time.

“I once heard, and then read, that losing your job is akin to losing your favored arm. Your job defines your value and worth to many. Our job is to help restore that broken confidence while facilitating a smooth and effective transition to a new opportunity – and we take this responsibility seriously”.

Dan Moran
Founder & President
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Society of Human Resource Management
Capital Region Human Resource Association
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