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According to recent studies, 2016 is the year for job change. There are more job now than in many recent years and ages are on the rise. It is a job seekers market - a complete reverse from just a few years ago.  

Why is this occurring? "It is a matter of economics, morale and the desire to be in control", stated Dan Moran, President and Founder of Next-Act, a career transition & management firm. Moran is a recognized career expert and is frequently quoted in national media for his expertise.

"The recession was brutal with wages being cut, people working short staffed, companies cutting benefits and people literally having the rug pulled out from under them with layoffs, closures, firings and more, people have reached a point where they are saying enough now – and then moving to be in more control of their career, for once and all. Many have talked about it, but not taken the action to evaluate, plan and execute a strategy – but they are now, with gusto".

Another statistic Moran stated was that studies have shown that 71% of the working population are in jobs or careers they don't feel utilize their skills and they are not productive in. "Put these numbers together – job dissatisfaction, lack of productivity and plans to move on, and you have one robust job market and that is what we need to see. Change fuels the market – as one person leaves a new person needs to be hired – supply and demand!"
I invite you to read on and learn about my business. Then it might make sense to talk – face-to-face if you are in the Capital Region of New York or Central Florida or on the phone/web (which I do quite often) if you live elsewhere. Your choice. We can talk about your specific situation and discover if we may be of assistance to you as you start your Next-Act. 
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