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Chief Executive Officer, WorkProsody, Inc.

Dan Moran has spent the last 40 + years managing, motivating and developing people from all walks of life. During this time, he has mastered an understanding of what is critical for success in career planning, searching for jobs & opportunities and planning for second careers – or their next act. Dan has assisted several hundred individuals achieve fulfillment in their career or a better job. He has helped people identify their true talents, skills and new options for their career life. “And I love doing this”, stated Dan. “The saying goes – if you do what you love, the money will follow”.

Dan has also mastered an understanding of people. He is a specialist in developing career & leadership skills in people and helping them maximize their potential, improve and achieve their goals. “Everyone has a dream of what they want to do next –- I just help people clarify what it is and then help them achieve their dreams”, added Moran.

Moran has served as a Vice President and Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Administration, Senior Marketing Director, Managing Director, CEO, Career Consultant and Business Consultant. He quips, "to consult with businesses, you need to have been there before --- struggling to start, with no money, a payroll to meet and never letting anyone know what was happening".

Dan believes that in order to help others achieve success in their job and career, you must understand what employers are really looking for and how the hiring process works. He has taken sabbaticals from his business to join companies in senior executive roles. Dan continues to build an understanding of what employees seek in candidates and new employees, and delivers this experience to his clients. “But I always return to what I love – helping others”.

It is Dan’s ability to help people realize their life long dreams, and turn these dreams into opportunities that makes him stand out from the rest. “I have found that most suffer from a lack of clarity or focus in pursuing new career opportunities – be it changing jobs or career, starting a new business and other endeavors. Without clarity and focus fear sets in – and that can be paralyzing. I remove the fear with clarity, focus and a plan to achieve goals”.

Dan has appeared on the national broadcast of The Monster Show ( broadcast in over 100 US markets, American Out of Work (PBS), and was filmed and produced as a job search expert in Job Hunting: The Ten Best Steps to Success. He was a member of the CBS 6 Answers Team and is a contribution blogger to on Career & Worklife subjects (his blog appears weekly and is updated Sunday morning). Moran is a frequent radio guest on a number of radio stations nationally as well as locally and regionally. He continually appears in many interviews on career and business issues on WNYT, WRGB, FOX 23, YNN and WTEN. He is a regular columnist and guest writer for several publications on career and human resource issues.

Moran has authored The New Art of Hiring Smart, now licensed internationally as a training tool. He is the author of Accept-Commit-Permit: Three Essential Steps to Achieving Happiness & Success in Career (and Life!) Exclusively at  

Dan is a member of the International Association of Certified Coaches (IACC), Association of Career Development Professionals, Society for Human Resource Management, Capital Region Human Resources Association, Capital Region Recruiters Network (CRRN).  He is a founding member Coachville, a 12,000 member organization dedicated to the advancement of the coaching profession.

Dan believes in giving back to the community. He was member of the Board of Directors for the National Association of the Blind at Albany where he chaired both the Nominating and Human Resources Committee. He was also a member and served as Board Chair for the Board of Directors for the American Heart Association. Moran served As Chairperson of the Executive Board for Tech Valley Connect when first established. He is also a member of the Board for the Ellen Sinipoli Dance Company. Dan was appointed as Chairperson of the Rensselaer County Civil Service Commission, which has provided an insight into careers and work in the public sector.

Dan is known for his warm smile, sense of humor and his style. Be it sitting in the backroom with a cup of coffee or in the executive boardroom, Dan is comfortable. He is also known as one who cuts to the chase, and one who can be demanding and delivers results. Dan and his wife of over 42 years Vikki also own and Capital Region Living Magazine (, the leading lifestyle & leisure publication in Upstate NY. They  live on a small “gentleman’s” farm in Brunswick, outside Troy, NY. They lived in the Boston area for a few years, but found they missed the Capital Region and came back. "One needs to leave the area, experience another city, and then you will realize all that you missed about the Capital Region of New York", stated Dan.


It was certainly a real pleasure talking with you recently. If my memory serves me correctly, it has been about 14 years since I first met you.

On two different occasions, you've helped me locate two positions both of which were the most successful opportunities that I have undertaken.

However, what got me to the companies is the tremendous insight that you gave, helping me identify my strong skill sets and job performance strengths. Your communication skills, especially listening and your ability to probe with key questions, helped me and countless others come to understand what my (and their) strengths and strong skill sets are.

As you know, after one such endeavor you and I undertook, I ended up as a Top Ten producer and went on to become the Leading Manager in the same company for three consecutive years.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me see that my real strengths are in the areas of Relationship Management, Consultative selling, supported by sound and thorough Client Service skills.

Finally, Dan, you have a perpetual sense of the big picture with a keen ability to show people how to get there by looking at the details of an individuals past career and life skills. Thanks Dan, for being a Coach for me, during these past 14 years.

I am very proud of our company and our legacy of experience in helping others mitigate career anxiety, achieve clarity and achieve their ideal next act – their career goal. Since 1988, we have helped thousands move on to new, better jobs, careers and even their own businesses.

Dan Moran,
Founder & President
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