Who knows the direction of the labor market over the coming months or years? It is anyone's guess.

What is known is that in order for a company to truly succeed, they need to attract and hire the best fit to the desired role & capabilities, the culture and other essential elements. The cost of a poor hiring decision is estimated to be 2 to 4 times the base salary, training & benefit costs and lost opportunity. That can sink a business – be it with one hire or many.

Regardless of the quantity of available jobs, a company's competitive edge increasingly will be tied to the quality of its talent. Poor and even average hires will reduce profitability, stunt growth and lead to a vulnerable position relative to competitors.The good news is that companies can learn from the science around pre-employment assessment and reference checking. Next-Act has selected a suite of assessment and reference checking tools to help your organization make better hiring, promotion and management decisions.


Introducing: Predictive Analytics: Hire Smart!

How familiar is this: You are ready to hire and have one-two-five candidates that are in thefinal selection pool – and you or your managers cannot seem to agree on one or cannot see the differences in each. You could defer to making a “gut feel” decision (never effective) or utilize my new and proven Predictive Analytics: Hire Smart!© process. Utilizing the tools of my trade (assessments, evaluations, etc.), experience and insight I can help you reach a better hiring decision so you Right Hire – The First Time reducing costly hiring mistakes, poor productivity, impact on other employees and impact to customers.

The process is simple: We determine your hiring and/or staffing need to understand the core competencies and characteristics of the “ideal” candidate, candidate(s) complete assessment(s) as determined, Next-Act conducts and unemotional telephone interview to vet findings and fit, and a recommendation is provided to you – quickly. Contact me for more information. See a sample of the report and assessments below in the Resource Center.


Our assessmennt suite includes (but is not limited to):

  • OutMatch!
  • Profiler for the Workplace
  • MAPP: Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential
  • Style.Fit.Align Assessment
  • Entrepreneurial Fit: 5-Factors
  • Career Connection
  • DISC

... and more based upon an organizations specific needs. 

Want to be certain your next hiring or promotion decisions is the best, protect your company against the dangers of liability lawsuits, improve service to your customers, revenues and above all, enjoy working with your staff as a team clicking on all cylinders? Contact me for more information and I can help determine the best plan for your needs.  


Next-Act Assessment Center Resources

For Partners, Clients & Companies

To view a copy of the Profiler for the Workplace personality assessment, click here.

To view a copy of the DISC assessment (example is the sales profile), click here.

To review a sample of the report your company would receive as part of our Predictive Analytics Hire Smart Process, click here.


I'm not just about career planning ... 

... in fact I have carved my career through helping individuals succeed, as well as companies succeed through the people they hire, manage and trust with growing their business and serving their customers. Through the assessment services listed here as well as consulting, coaching and driving performance on an individual and group basis, I have been very helpful to companies on the way to growth or trying to navigate their way through growth as well.

Companies can get into, what my good friend Jason Jacobs describes, a "full on stall". This defines what happens when a jet fighter is in full thrust but stalls. Other conditions, not pure thrust, cause the stall.

The same happens in companies. People, processes and the real way the business operates (versus what leadership may think) can hold a company back in so many ways. Understanding what is occurring, where the challenges are and the people involved and beginning the process to realign and correct can release a company from a full on stall so they can grow. Ownership/leadership feels in better control. People work well together. They are all shooting for the same goals. That is where performance excels.

I use many tools – as well as 40 + years experience – to make this happen. I also rely on the systems I have developed, like the Prescriptive Performance Analysis & Methods (PPAM) © to help understand the root issues – on an individual, group or company basis, and solve them.

Facing this challenge? Contact me; I would enjoy the opportunity to talk.



Note from Dan Moran:

I have been in the business of helping individuals excel in their career and helping companies strive to hire the best of the talent in the candidate pool for 24 + years. Over the years, I have used many assessments in my practice and to help employers. Some have said I am a SME (subject matter expert) in the field – not sure, but I do know how to match the right assessment to a companies need resulting in their ability to make more informed hiring decisions, critical to making a difference in their competitive position, profitability and culture.

Today the need to hire the right person the first time and to eliminate hiring mistakes is ever more critical. The candidate pool is larger; it is getting more and more difficult to get credible information about job candidates due company policies and laws.

This is where our new Next-Act Assessment Center can help. I have selected the best-of-the-best tools – normally available to only the largest companies – and make them available to companies of all sizes and industries. This is why selecting the right person – or promoting or changing the role of a current employee – is critical:
  • The cost of making a poor hiring decision is estimated to be 2 to 4 times the cost of salary, benefits, training and lost revenue. That can sink a company, small or large.
  • Studies prove that employees who are fit to their job and the culture of the company they work for provide better service, impact profitability at significantly larger levels and don't just work for a company – they advocate for a company.
  • Due-diligence in hiring can and will protect your company against the potential of wrongful hiring lawsuits (and wrongful discharge lawsuits) and conducting validated assessments and complete, competency-based reference checking (through tools like our Chequed.com – a leader in their emerging industry of automated reference checking) can be critical.
  • Hiring made upon simply an interview without further assessment or background checking is effective less than 25% of times.
  • Human resource issues – discontent in the workplace, "drama" and the things that managers and owners live with every day that often make them just want to run from their business can be avoided through properly and completely vetting candidates – before you hire and have to live with them.

There are many other reasons as well. See a need – please contact me so we can discuss your needs and situation, and thank you again for visiting.


Dan Moran, President & Founder, Next-Act.

 Many think I am, but not so. I have helped numerous companies grow and prosper by helping improve recruiting, hiring and retention processes. Is your company in need?
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