If you are here because you secured  copy of DARE YOU ... To Cross The Threshold To Success: Accept - Commit - Permit: Three Essential Steps to Achieving Happiness & Success in Career (and Life!) by DAN MORAN ... THANK YOU! You will find the agreements & forms below, in both MS WORD and PDF for your immediate use. Start Today - Live Life Tomorrow! - Best - Dan

MS WORD Forms & Agreements

Acceptance Agreement

Commmittment Agreement

Permission Agreement

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Information of Interest …
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Your Next Career Awaits You. -
As published in Visions Magazine in January, 2011
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Best Web Site and Posting Service for Executive (over $100k) positions …

Web Sites for Launching a “Baby Boomer” Career …

– I searched this site and found over 750 jobs listed in the Greater Capital District Region --- jobs that encompassed technical, retail, hospitality, sales, customer service, etc. A great source.

www.aarp.org/working_options/home.html - On this site, you will find very good career resources, and a listing of employers who employ boomers.

www.matureservices.org – Lists job fairs and employment resources

http://careersat50.monster.com - The specialty web site for boomers, from Monster.com

www.retirementjobs.com - Free job board whose goal is to "identify companies most-suited to older workers and match them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or project that matches their lifestyle".

www.Workplacefairness.org – A good site and blog on career issues and fairness to older workers.

www.2young2retire.com – Source of job leads, information and strategies as boomers enter their next career. Also good information on starting a business – an option many pursue (like me for the second time).

Baby Boomers represent the largest segment of the US population and workforce today:

Baby Boomers number in excess of 78 million
8 of 10 baby Boomers plan to work into their retirement years
51% plan to start a new, second career
37% will seek to work part-time
17% will be starting their own business
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