Just what is a 48-Day Plan?

85% of the process of finding the right career direction comes from looking inward.

This program – offered by workshop or one-on-one - offers a fresh perspective by looking at you first – then the 15% application part comes into view. By completing 48 Days program, you will define and look at:

The critical importance of goal-setting – then establishing your goals
Creating a personal mission statement to guide your future and development
Laying out an effective career plan, job search strategy or process to be an entrepreneur – while working, or not!
Improving your bend through the tools you use – resume, career statements, social network profiles and more.
Negotiating to get what you want – in salary, work situations, business and more
By the end of this workshop, you will know how to identify and secure employment based on your skills and abilities, personality, values, dreams and passions-rather than based solely on job history. You will be able to make critical decisions – on career, jobs or entrepreneurship- one and for all!.

Created by Dan Miller and presented through qualified facilitators around the world, 48 Days is highly-acclaimed. To learn more and hear from those who have experienced this program, click below for an introduction and comments:

Introduction to 48 Days Workshops & Testimonials Video
Baby Boomers represent the largest segment of the US population and workforce today:

Baby Boomers number in excess of 78 million
8 of 10 baby Boomers plan to work into their retirement years
51% plan to start a new, second career
37% will seek to work part-time
17% will be starting their own business
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