Career Transition

Do you know what your next act – your next career or life move --- will be?

Feel "stuck" in your job or career?

Not feeling "connected" to your company or manager?

Need a change - Now?

And when you know what your next career should be, will you understand how to get there?

We are career management & transition specialists --- focused on helping people just like you identify their ideal career “next act”, developing a strategy to pursue and land that ideal next opportunity and providing the tools, resources and guidance all along, a truly seamless process.

We specialize in working with people from all walks of life just like you who are just too young to retire and want more in their career, with the recent retiree searching for the ideal next act, with the person returning to the workforce and with those in the process of “reinventing” themselves --- determined to find their true career calling.


From Dan Moran, Founder & President of Next-Act & WorkProsody “My practice is simple – we work with the best of the best and do what we do best --- provide clarity, eliminate career fear and provide focus and guidance each step of the way assuriung career alignment. For businesses, we help assure the right match of a person to the job so all win" - Dan Moran


I started in this business in 1988 and over the years, I have gained experience in not only career transition management and consulting but as well, in understanding the corporate world as a senior executive in human resources and organizational development. I know what employers look for in candidates and bring this knowledge to my clients. (Hiring - or trying to hire? - See below)

I also know what it takes to start your own business (the choice of many pursuing their second or next-act career choice) and can evaluate if this is right for you. If so, I can help you jumpstart the most critical step – getting customers, who pay the bills. I have been there and know what to do.

Perhaps this is your second career – or you are just too young to retire, so common today. If so, you are not alone – 8 out of 10 Americans will work into their retirement years, but will work on their own terms in what they truly want to do.

But here is a startling statistic:  

47% of Americans are re-evaluating their career path and options. More startling - 71% of working Americans feel out-of-place or disconnected from their job - they don't want to be there! For employers, this is devasting. For those seeking a change, there is no better time than right now. This is a job-seekers market with more jobs than qualified people to fill them. You are in the driver's seat now, controlling your own destiny.

Reinventing (or recareering), launching a new career or business in your 30's, 40’, 50’s & 60’s is not unusual but rather, is becoming the norm. We have determined that we want more from life – and are not content to sit around and waste time when we could be in the second act of our careers and life, or be fuly engaged and happy in our first career act.

The demand contrinues on all levels especially the "seasoned" experienced worker. We are in demand as well. Baby boomers represent the single largest workgroup and employers have discovered that it is critical that they change the way business has been done to meet this changing workforce demographic. As a result, employers are wooing the baby boomers rather than turning a cold shoulder to this group.

There is no better time for a change than right now. I hope I have the opportunity to meet you.

--- Dan



Employers: Are you struggling to find the right talent to meet the needs of your company?  Not satisfied with the people you have hired in the past? Need to revamp your recruitment processes? Please contact me - I can help right away.


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47% of Americans are now re-evaluating their career path.

22% of us are bored with the mere thought of retirement.

21% stated the need to be and feel
productive, not sitting on the front porch.

20% strive for more intellectual challenge.

13% just do not have the financial resources to retire just yet.

13% need the personal interaction one gains through work & career.

71% of surveyed workers feel disconnected and do not want to be with the employer that are now. 

As a side note, companies are facing an increasingly shrinking workforce pool driven by the number of workers reaching the “boomer” years. As a result, we are being wooed and courted by companies of all sizes.

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